marrydian woman
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Age: 41
175 сm
65 kg

fluent English

Marital status:
never been married
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About myself

I adore life and try to fill each day with positive thoughts. I have common moral norms and values, which I cannot betray as they explain who I am and what I stand for, which is important to me. I´m a rather easy going character as I´m talkative and can find common language with almost everyone and my experiences has told me not to judge people too rapidly. I am an optimist, as I like taking my chances and a realist as I always evaluate the risk. I think of myself as confident and calm, although there are things that may make me lose it. I´m no jester but I think I have a great sense of humor. As I am honest and frank I´m only interested in a serious relationship. Like most people I want to share love and be loved. My life is full energy, lust and expectation. I love my family, my friends, my city and my profession. I value home comfort and my future goal is creating happy, loving and caring family. I want to be present with an open soul and heart to my second part. . . . and I´m not that fond of talking about myself. I am a positive and optimistic person. I want to meet a nice and reliable man. I think that love is the best feeling in the world and the one who has it is very happy. I would love to try this chance to find love through the Internet. I will be pleased to find your letter in my mail box! I am an open and sincere person. I'm also a family person. I like cosiness and comfort in my life. Trust and dignity are very important for me.

Man of my dream

First of all I really want to meet the man who truly share true love with me. Fake love isn´t an option for me, I can´t live life pretending. I want it all or nothing at all…why I am still single. If I succeeded with this he is probably honest, warm, intelligent, charming, sensual, loving, faithful, sharing, listening, he has integrity, have an opinion, is strong but is able to show his vulnerability. He is able to confront without being manic or too jealous. He has a sense of humor and is open minded. If he is all that I will be just that and more to him. My partner will love me with all of her heart as i will love him with all of my heart. He will be a tender kind man that loves life. He will be my lover, a father, my best friend. . . I am not looking for an ideal person. I want him to be faithful and reliable and love me) If I find such a man then our lives will be brighter!