marrydian woman
id: 8021


Age: 44
160 сm
50 kg

basic English

director (middle management)
Marital status:
never been married
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About myself

I am a self-sufficient woman who knows what she wants from life and how to succeed. I love to engage in self-realization and self-development. I am looking for a man whom I want to give a happy family, care and female affection. I believe that a woman should always remain feminine and not try to overtake a man. Family relationships are not competitions in a career or in business. Everyone has their own role and responsibilities. A man and a woman should complement each other, live in harmony. A real man needs a smart and caring woman who will love and respect his man.

Man of my dream

For me, the ideal man is responsible, honest, wealthy, not greedy, kind and considerate. A man with whom you can feel in good hands. At the same time give him everything that a real woman can give.