marrydian woman
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Age: 47
164 сm
65 kg

basic English

Fashion designer
Marital status:
son, age: 23
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About myself

My friends and acquaintances always say about me that I am cute, sociable, creative, talented. I love the bas-relief. I love to travel by car. I love watching movies. I like to study psychology, understand the reasons for the actions of people, the subtleties of relationships between people, discover new knowledge about the human psyche. I am really a very creative person. I work as a fashion designer, my job brings me pleasure. I am interested in meditation. Many people say that it calms and relaxes, makes our thoughts clear and sets in a positive mood. For a daily rhythmic life, it is very important to be able to relax and recharge. I am a romantic woman and I want to meet a romantic man. I imagine that there is always harmony and warmth in our relationship. Family is very important to me and I want happiness and love in my family. I can tell you a lot more about myself at a personal meeting. Let me surprise and interest you!

Man of my dream

He is taller than me. Cute. Not thin. And not complete. Competent and reasonable, kind, generous. Sometimes he likes to be creative himself .. For example, to cut something out of wood. You can talk with him for a long time about something interesting. He understands well the psychology of women. He loves me very much. We often laugh and sometimes only we understand our jokes)).