marrydian woman
id: 8075


Age: 25
173 сm
56 kg

good English

student, physician rehabilitation therapist
Marital status:
never been married
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About myself

In the future I will be a doctor, rehabilitologist. Now I am a student at a medical university. I speak English at a conversational level, we will be able to communicate well. I've graduated from a musical school. I play the piano well. I like to travel, but so far I have only visited three countries: Czech Republic, Portugal and Spain. In the future, I really want to visit other countries, I hope to do it with my beloved man. I like animals a lot. My favorite breed of dog is Husky. I am looking for true love and in the future I want to have a big family. It is very important for me that a man can be trusted. I will be his faithful and loving wife. For me, it does not matter in which country I find my happiness, the main thing is that the feelings are real.

Man of my dream

The man of my dreams is the one with whom I will be truly happy. This is a man who will love and protect me. Faithful, reliable, I want to know that he will not betray me. Caring and decent