marrydian woman
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Age: 51
160 сm
60 kg

basic English

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daughter age: 32
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About myself

My character traits are responsible, caring, kind, calm, sociable, loyal, tactful, honest, with a good sense of humor and dignity. I am always optimistic. I believe in people and dream of meeting a worthy man who needs care, love and tenderness. For our family to become a small home fortress. My hobbies are reading historical literature (it plunges into the past and makes it possible to understand life, culture, traditions of other nationalities), cooking: I like to treat friends and my loved ones with delicious food, it gives me pleasure, to draw: to pacify the soul. I also did artwork for the auction. The money from the sold works went to the treatment of sick children. This is my little help to children! I love animals: I do not forget to take care of stray animals. Their grateful eyes make me a little happier ... nature walks: I like to enjoy any time of the year. " There is no bad weather". Bad weather can't ruin my mood, because I enjoy every day and any weather., Visiting the theater: for me going to the theater or to a concert is a small holiday that brings me good mood and inspiration., I follow the trends in fashion : it helps me in my work. I receive many words of gratitude from clients when I help them to put together an image in clothes.

Man of my dream

- respecting a woman, - faithful in relationships - smart and wise - sincere - kind - caring - with a good sense of humour , - self-sufficient.