marrydian woman
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Age: 44
160 сm
49 kg

good English
Kiev region, Medvin

designer, glazier, ceramist
Marital status:
age: 13
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About myself

Welcome to my page! I will not write platitudes or embellish my qualities, because I really want to find myself a partner that suits me. There is no more time to waste, as life and youth are very valuable. What is the most important thing you need to know about me? I'll try in order. I'm looking for a partner and want to start a family, but I can't be a typical housewife, it's boring. But I love to create comfort and beauty! I don’t like to cook, except sometimes. I need to have my own occupation, which actually already exists. I am a creative person, I love beauty, nature, philosophize, sing. I love traveling very much, but at the same time I can quite stay at home for quite a long time. I love good music: rock, electronic, jazz, rock and roll, new age. I love jazz evenings, concerts. Sometimes I dance to my favorite music (Muse, Depeche Mode, Metallica, Annie Lennox, etc.) I break off :))) I rarely do it due to lack of company. I'm a bit of an adventurer. :) Most likely in an average degree. I appreciate life. I think it won't be boring with me. :))) Sensual, with a delicate taste, playful, fantasy is well developed :), emotional in moderation. Introvert. Although, lately I already doubt it. :) With a healthy sense of humor, kind, I appreciate the inner peace. I am interested in the world order, life after life. I always ask the question "why?" Not religious! I do not smoke, I hardly drink alcohol, it seems to be so good :) I have a son of 13 years old. I do not plan any more children. Hobby: fusing - glass melting, making decorative items. Now I understand how important it is to know yourself! :)))

Man of my dream

A man who loves life, with a sense of humor, purposeful, generous, accepting people and things as they are