marrydian woman
id: 8198


Age: 26
169 сm
60 kg

English - fluent, Polish - fluent, Spanish - intermediate, Portuguese - basic

Financial analyst
Marital status:
never been married
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About myself

I want to remain a mystery so as not to write platitudes out of a desire to get married as soon as possible. I'd rather wait for a man for whom our acquaintance will be a success, and our family will become a small home fortress. My hobbies: I love traveling, studying foreign languages, I adore animals and I always try to help them. Of values: to take place as a person and as a person in work and in the family.

Man of my dream

An ideal man ... perhaps he should be charismatic, courageous, so that I feel like I am behind an impregnable stone fortress, in any situation. Of course, he must be successful in work, business, he is purposeful and clearly sees what he wants to get. And he gets it. He must be able to understand a woman. This is a very important criterion. Because a man who cannot understand what a woman wants can, in principle, give her nothing either on a physical or a moral level. Let him not be a romantic, but he must understand that all women love, give flowers more than once every six months, and then on holidays, and be able to present such a surprise that a woman will not forget for a very long time.